83% Of Americans Are Eating A Meal Outside Of The Home At Least Once A Month

If you’re wondering where all your money is going, a lot of it is being spent on burgers and French fries.

A new survey reveals that the average person now spends $281 every month going out to eat which adds up to $3,372 every year.  During your adult life you’ll spend more than $200,000 going out to eat

In the past month, 83% of people had eaten at a fast food restaurant.  The results also show that 61% visited a casual sit-down restaurant while 61% had gone to a pizza place or gotten pizza delivered.

85% of consumers say a deal or discount influences where they choose to eat outside of their homes.

“Aside from a great menu, restaurants must add something extra in their marketing recipe to stand out from the crowd and appeal to consumers,” said senior director of retail insights at RetailMeNot, Michelle Skupin.  “According to RetailMeNot performance data, dining deals result in higher conversion rates, lifts in guest count and increased ticket values.”

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