A new survey of 2,000 UK adults by the sleep technology firm Simba reveals that 33% of couples share a bed with someone who steals the covers on a regular basis.

The research found the average adult will get just six and a half hours sleep a night which is a fifth less than the recommended eight hours.

44% of those polled are getting six hours or less a night with one in 20 getting as little as four hours each evening.

CEO of Simba, Steve Reid said, “Just one night of bad sleep can make the part of your brain that processes threats go into overdrive, making people lose their temper or react more aggressively.

“While a very small percentage of people can function with four or five hours of sleep a night, most of us require much more.”

The worst bedroom habits from the survey are listed below:

1. Snoring (39%)

2. Being woken up by a duvet-stealing partner (24%)

3. Not putting clothes in the laundry bin (23%)

4. Encroaching on your partner’s side of the bed (22%)

5. Fidgeting / tossing and turning (20%)

6. Coming home to untidy bedroom (15%)

7. Keeping the light on too late 14%

8. Coming home to an unmade bed (14%)

9. Long toenails that scratch (13%

9. Your partner doesn’t make the bed (11%)

10. Cold feet (10%)

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