Adulting Is Hard

Other than staying up as late as you want and being able to eat ice cream for dinner, it turns out that being an adult is not as glamorous as you thought it would be when you were a kid.

A recent survey looked at some of the things we struggle with as adults.

These are seven things that we struggle with when adulting:

1.  65% of people said their home is so messy that they’d be embarrassed if someone showed up unannounced.

2.  26% of us don’t feel like we’re on top of our careers.

3.  54% procrastinating on our to-do lists.

4.  32% of us feel like we’re doing too many things at once.

5.  20% of people have a hard time deciding what they are making for dinner most days.

6.  30% said their finances are out of control.

7.  62% admitted they have to re-wash a lot of clothes because they forgot to move stuff to the dryer.  21% constantly let dirty laundry pile up.  

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