Over 150,000 people took an online poll on the website BuzzFeed about marriage habits and what ISN’T acceptable behavior.

Here are the results of the eight yes-or-no questions people were asked:

1.  Is it okay to pass gas in front of your spouse?  84% said “yes”. 

2.  Can you flirt with other people?  Only 24% said “that’s okay”.

3.  Would it be okay if they stayed out all night with friends?  63% said “yes”.

4.  Can you pee with the door open?  77% said it’s fine.     

5.  Is it okay to TALK about your poop?  22% said it’s too personal.

6.  Is it okay to tell white lies to make each other feel better?  39% said no, you should never lie.

7.  Is it okay to fantasize about being married to someone else?  42% said yes.

8.  Is it normal to have long stretches at dinner when no one says anything?  72% said yes, it’s normal. 


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