Are You Changing Out Your Towels Enough?

How many times do you use a towel before you wash it? Are you like me and  just wait until it starts to STINK?  According to an expert on the subject, the magic number is three.

Three is the maximum number of showers you should use the same towel for before washing it and here’s why:

Bacteria and mold start growing each time a towel gets wet.  While hanging the towel up to dry slows the process down, it doesn’t prevent them from growing.

Three showers only applies if you hang it up to dry right after you use it though.  You might only get one or two uses out of it if you toss it on the floor making it stay wet longer.

Because we don’t use washcloths to just dry off, they should really only be used once.  When a towel gets soaked, it takes a lot longer to dry giving mold and bacteria more time to grow.

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