If you want to be seen as a hero in the eyes of trick or treaters coming by your house this year, handing out full-size candy bars is always a good way to do it.

A writer for Fortune magazine asked behavioral experts WHY people do it.  One reason is we like being seen as generous and successful and passing out good candy is a way to “one-up” your neighbors.

Another reason is we enjoy being different and think “outside of the box.”  Perhaps it’s the fond memories of people who gave out full-size candy when WE were kids?  It gives us a nice ego boost but here’s the one question to ask yourself before you do it,  “Are you willing to do it again NEXT year?”

In high-traffic neighborhoods, handing out full-size candy can set you back hundreds of dollars.  Kids WILL remember next year and come back and if word spreads you may get more traffic to your house.

There’s no turning back once you give out the full-size candy bars either.

A behavioral expert compared it to rewards programs where companies offer generous rewards but then STOP offering them.  In the long run, customers will end up less satisfied than if they’d never had a rewards program to begin with.


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