Some of my favorite things include going for a drive on a sunny fall day, rolling the windows down and listening to my favorite tunes. We all know that distracted driving is BAD but have you ever thought that some of the songs you’re listening to can be dangerous to drive to?! More research raining on our driving parade says, “songs with a fast tempo of 120 beats-per-minute or higher are more likely to make you drive faster and more recklessly.”

Here are the five MOST dangerous songs, according to the study:

1.  “American Idiot”Green Day

2.  “Party in the USA”Miley Cyrus

3.  “Mr. Brightside”The Killers

4.  “Don’t Let Me Down”The Chainsmokers

5.  “Born to Run”Bruce Springsteen


The five LEAST dangerous are:

1.  “Stairway to Heaven”Led Zeppelin

2.  “Under the Bridge”Red Hot Chili Peppers

3.  “God’s Plan”Drake

4.  “Africa”Toto

5.  “Location”Khalid.


The best and least dangerous overall show being Wes and Leah mornings 5-10 on 1023 XLC 😉 – Leah