Do you think it’s fine to snoop through someone’s medicine cabinet when you use their bathroom?  A new survey found 60% of us think it’s totally acceptable.

In the survey, researchers looked at the bathroom items we are most likely to use or borrow while we’re in someone else’s bathroom.  Here are the top ten:

1. Shampoo. 51% said it’s acceptable to take some.

2. Toothpaste, also 51%.

3. Conditioner, 44%.

4. Lotion, 38%.

5. Mouthwash, 37%.

6. Shaving cream, 36%.

7. Facial cleanser, 34%.

8. Moisturizer, 33%.

9. Toner, 28%.

10. Under-eye cream, 27%.

In the survey it also reveals that half of us have lied about using something and that 21% even said they’d use someone’s toothbrush!!!

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