A poll of 2,000 adults asked what ages people felt different parts of their bodies starting to ache and it seems we start noticing things don’t work quite like they used to between 37 and 40.

The survey found on average, knees start to creak at the age of 47, hearing deteriorates at 49 and the back ‘goes’ as early as 44.

The study also found nine in 10 adults feel they have parts of their body which aren’t as good or as strong as they used to be.

More than a tenth also find it difficult to drive for long distances, while opening jars is a struggle for 18%  who suffer with wrist pain.  Seven in 10 also confess to making strange grunting sounds when getting off the sofa.

43% of those polled wish they’d taken better care of their body when they were younger.

Medical director of Healthspan, Dr. Sarah Brewer, commissioned the poll and said: “The fact that people are starting to notice their bodies are weakening and aren’t as strong in their thirties is an early indicator that help is needed.

“This can take the form of targeted exercise, dietary changes and taking nutritional supplements such as glucosamine and omega 3s.”

“Looking after your body from a young age can also make the aging process easier.”

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