I will back this study A MILLION percent. I was recently struggling with my mental health. This was nothing new to me as I have in the past BUT I couldn’t figure out what triggered it all. My new schedule? Added stress? I was always pretty good about balancing things in my life but something had me off. I was missing something. I am sure a lot of people think working in radio we are just listening to music 24/7 but when I started doing mornings my time spent listening to music drastically declined. I could definitely tell the difference.

You should listen to music every day for many reasons.  And according to a new study, you should listen to 78 minutes of it every day to maintain good mental health.  But you can’t just listen to one specific type of music there’s actually a formula.

You need:

14 minutes of “uplifting” music to feel happy.

16 minutes of “calming” music to feel relaxed.

16 minutes of whatever you choose to overcome sadness.

15 minutes of “motivating” music to aid concentration.

And another 17 minutes of whatever you choose to help manage your anger.

Even though  78 minutes is recommended, if you only have time for 11 minutes a day it still has therapeutic benefits, and you can boost your happiness with just FIVE minutes!