It Seems Like Every Year I’m Dealing With A Different Bug Problem!!!

So three years ago when I first moved into my house, my wife and I found that we had some “unwelcome guests.”  We had a lot of box elder bugs that would show up on the sunny side of our house.  Apparently, these bugs love the sun and will hide behind siding and inside of walls.  Once, we replaced the roof on our house the number of these pests DRAMATICALLY reduced.

The next year we encountered a new group of menace…STINK BUGS!!!  The pungent stench that these critters release is horrible.  This natural defense mechanism prevents it from being eaten by birds and lizards and simply handling the bug, injuring it or attempting to move it can trigger it to release the odor.  We usually just drown them in a water bottle filled with dish soap.

And this year we have earwigs.  They love moisture so we are finding them mostly in the bathrooms.  I even had one show up in our bed that bit me the other night.  Needless to say, an exterminator has been called to take care of this.

Three different years and three different creepy, crawly nuisances.  Ugh!!!

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