The older I get, the more I realize it truly is the simple things in life that make me smile. A recent poll shows that American’s spend $1,796 on ‘simple pleasures’ each year.  Probably about that, I enjoy my Sunday Bloody 🙂

Here are the top 10, do you have one that should beat out one of these?

1.  Listening to your favorite music.  58% said it’s one of their simple pleasures.

2.  Cooking your favorite meal.

3.  Eating ice cream.

4.  Buying new clothes.

5.  Holding hands with someone you love.

6.  Going to the movies.

7.  Watching a sunrise or sunset.

8.  Being able to sleep in with no alarm.

9.  A comfortable bed.

10.  Taking a long, hot shower.  A few that just missed the top ten include air-conditioning . . . coffee . . . ordering delivery . . . and a good drink after a long day.