Mosquitos Love Me And There Has Been Some Research To Explain Why

I get bitten by mosquitos all summer long!!!.  Some scientific research was performed and apparently there are actually reasons for it.   As we get into summer and spend more time outside I thought I would share the six possible reasons mosquitos attack me (and you).  Any little thing that I can do to help…

1.  Body temperature.  Having a lightly higher temp than other people can attract more mosquitoes.  It may vary by age, gender and how much you move around.  As a result, body temps can even go up if you eat spicy food.

2.  Exercise.  It raises your body temperature and makes you produce more carbon dioxide and lactic acid, which they love.  Mosquitoes also like pregnant women because their temperature is higher and they produce more CO2.

3.  Stress.  Research has shown mosquitos could be attracted to the hormones that are released as you perspire when you’re stressed.

4.  Have you bathed today?  Mosquitoes are attracted to a specific type of bacteria.  We tend to have more bacteria near our ankles and feet.  As a result this is why it seems we get “bit” a lot in that area.

5.  Clothing color.  Colors such as red, black and blue attract more mosquitoes than lighter colors like white and yellow.

6.  Alcohol. When the blood vessels in your skin dilate it makes it a little warmer for a period of time.  Also, let’s not forget about the ethanol that comes out in your sweat when you drink as well.

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