A reported $1.6 BILLION annually is lost by Netflix due to password sharing.  This of course is assuming that everyone who is sharing a password would sign up if they couldn’t share.

An analytics firm revealed in a recent study that an estimated 35% of millennials, 19% of Generation X subscribers and 13% of Baby Boomers share passwords for streaming services.

If 10% of Netflix’s 137 million customers are sharing their passwords with someone without a Netflix account that means nearly 14 million people aren’t paying for the service.  Netflix would be bringing in about $135 million more a month or $1.6 billion on an annual basis if they did indeed pay for the service.

The number is conservative since this presumes the cost-per-user would be $10.  The most popular plan allows two simultaneous streams and makes sharing possible for the cost of $12.99 a month.  Netflix also offers a $15.99 plan that allows four screens at once.

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