One in every four Americans never clean their phones.

A survey was conducted by antibacterial white light company Vital Vio of 1,200 American smartphone users and the survey revealed that some of us are not so smart when it comes to sanitary matters.

43% of those surveyed said they “don’t hesitate” to put their phones into their mouths if they need their hands free.

This is despite smartphones entering public spaces and being exposed to numerous germs and bacteria on a daily basis.

The survey also says that 88% of those who participated frequently take their phones into their bathrooms — with slightly more women doing it than men — and nearly half of those surveyed take their phones with them into public bathrooms.

The survey also reveals that more than one in four men have never cleaned their phone, compared to one in five of women.

Millennials have better cleaning habits than Boomers with 32% of Baby Boomers admitting to never cleaning or wiping down their phone compared to 21% of Millennials.


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