Over 50% Of Us Are Digital Hoarders

This might explain why your computer runs slow.  Apparently digital hoarding has become a thing.

In a new survey, 52% of Americans say they’ve never deleted a single file from any of their devices.  On average about a quarter of your storage is devoted to old stuff.

The poll of 2,000 Americans discovered 33% are holding onto files that are at least 10 years old.

41% say they actively avoid deleting pictures and videos from their digital devices.

Deleting isn’t something people want to do so 78% are just transferring them from one device to another.  Of those who transfer their digital storage from one device to another, 10% still don’t delete files from their old devices.

The #1 reason we won’t delete files is we’re worried we might need them someday.  #2 is not wanting to let go of old “memories.”

Click here for more results from this survey.

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