Technology Is Making Us Worse At A Lot Of Things

Do you know all of the phone numbers of your friends or family?  What about your own phone number? Do you feel you can spell as well as you once did?  When is the last time you wrote a letter?

A new study of 2,000 adults shows many are unable to remember passwords, phone numbers of family and friends and even how to spell certain words because they rely too much on technology.  13% those surveyed said they don’t even know their own phone number.

Technology is blamed for the reason for people forgetting good friends’ addresses, the stars of favorite movies and TV programs and even how to relax.  Our reliance on technology has made us forget how to write neatly and how to use basic math like division and multiplication.

Here are the top 10 things we’ve gotten worse at because of technology:

  1. Remembering passwords.
  2. Remembering other people’s phone numbers.
  3. Due to everyone having spell check now we don’t know how to spell certain words.
  4. We don’t write stuff down anymore so handwriting has suffered.
  5. Everyone has a calculator on their phone so we have lost basic math skills.
  6. Remembering our own phone number.
  7. Remembering who starred in movies and TV shows.
  8. Knowing your friends’ addresses.
  9. Being able to slow down and relax.
  10. How to completely stop and do nothing for a while.

Others that made the top 20 include remembering birthdays, names and how to drive without GPS.



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