The Most Single People Over 40 Have These Jobs

A study looked at jobs where both men and women are most likely to still be single at 40.

The study found that the #1 job with single men over 40 is bartenders.  It also made the top ten for women but postal clerk came in at number one.  It’s shocking since so many people hit on bartenders.

The top five single-guy jobs are:

1. Bartender

2. Tile Installer

3. Transportation Screener

4. Food Prep Worker

5. Parts Salesman


The top five jobs with single women over 40 are

1. Postal Clerk 

2. Veterinary Assistant

3. Personal Care Worker 

4. Information Security Analyst 

5. (Tie) Salesperson & Uber driver

By looking closer at the study, many of these jobs seem to fall within industries with the highest turnover. 



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