There’s A New Term For The Opposite Of Trendy On TikTok

I am not trendy by any means. Mostly because I don’t WANT to be. Now there seems to be a word that is used to describe that.

A woman who goes by Hal on TikTok has popularized a term for the opposite of trendy and now it’s going viral. The word is “cheugy” (choo-gee).

The definition on Urban Dictionary is, “The opposite of trendy. Stylish in middle school and high school but no longer in style. Used when someone still follows these out of date trends . . . including fashion, habits on social media, slang, etc.”

@webkinzwhore143Expand 👏 your 👏 vocabulary 👏 to 👏 include 👏 made 👏 up 👏 words 👏#greenscreen #cheugy #cheug♬ original sound – Hal

Some of Hal’s other examples are the graphic tees & hats with catchy phrases like “Yes way, rosé”, Herbal Essences shampoo, the crafty wooden signs with sayings like, “Together…Is My Favorite Place To Be” and “Girl Boss Energy” mugs…those are “cheugy” too.

We all like what we like so let’s make sure that it’s clear that it’s not always a BAD thing to be “cheugy.”

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