Taco Bell

One of the dog walkers around here said I should be named Taco Belle! How sweet is that? I’m a plump little doggie that loves going for walks. Weather permitting, we can relax under a tree and if you let me, I may even climb into your lap. I’m always up for snuggling time and this gives you the perfect reason to slow down and relax. We can of course also do that inside, so come meet me in one of the interaction rooms.

She is about 11 years old, spayed, up-to-date on routine shots (incl. rabies), heartworm negative and on preventative and microchipped.


Hi there, welcome to my world, a world of discoveries, fun, purrs, jumps, chases, catnaps, long sleeps, climbing and more! So many things to do and never a minute to lose. The most important discovery I have yet to make is finding my new family. So if you already have a playful cat or are interested in adopting two of us, then don’t make me wait. I’m ready to experience everything about home life. Don’t forget that the second adoption fee is 50% off….Double the Love, Double the Fun.

He is about 5 months old, neutered, up-to-date on routine shots (incl. rabies), tested negative for feline leukemia and FIV and microchipped.

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