The most dangerous part about eating and driving isn’t the eating part.  It’s what you do before you start to eat.

A recent survey by found the most dangerous part of eating and driving is unwrapping your food since you usually have to use both hands.

Reaching for something like a napkin, cleaning up a spill or a stain and putting condiments on your food are all other dangerous things you can do while eating while driving.

56% of Americans admit to eating while driving regularly and 7% say they do it everyday.

Generally, the most dangerous things to eat behind the wheel are foods that require both hands, cause a spill or make you take your eyes off the road.

The most common foods we eat behind the wheel are French fries, candy bars, hamburgers, chips . . . and there’s a tie between granola bars and donuts.  I usually eat chicken nuggets or a burrito while driving.


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