We Are Wasting Our Money When We Buy Things On Sale

A new study reveals that the average adult spent almost $8,000 last year on things that were ON SALE.

The poll of 2,000 adults commissioned by giffgaff, found more than 25% actively avoid sales.

Those who were polled did say that finding a bargain brings them joy.   9 of 10 said they “love” picking up a good deal.

45% will happily boast to friends, family and colleagues about their purchase.

Around 20% take bargain hunting so seriously they will even strategize when shopping the sales.  They plan purchases in advance and get to the store before it opens.

The survey reveals that people seek out refurbished or second-hand items.  In fact, a quarter think shopping second-hand or for refurbished items is a more effective way of saving money than the sales.


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