Wet Nose Window With Save-A-Pet – Meringue & Benadict


I spent time in a foster home raising two little girls. My foster mom wrote a lot of nice things about me and it is all in my file. I can be quite talkative, I enjoy petting, brushing, sweet talk and more. I did a great job with my little girls and would even play with them as if I were a kitten. My foster mom thought this was so cute. If I was out and about, all she had to do was call “Momma come here” and I would come running back. Food also always brought me back, yes I’m a foodie so I’m always ready for canned food. Oh and the little spot on my nose gives me quite a cute look, don’t you think?
I am at the PetSmart in Kildeer (corner of Route 12 and Quentin Road). Please note that meeting us and adoptions are all done by appointment only.
She is about 2 years old, spayed, up-to-date on routine shots (incl. rabies), tested negative for FIV, feline leukemia and heartworm and microchipped.


Come on, let’s take a walk together. Let me show you all the trees and the play yards we have. Oh and each play yard also has various toys, which is perfect because I do enjoy running around with some toys. I even got to meet a couple of dogs and my tail was wagging like crazy. When people talk to me, I always turn around and look at them. After all, getting some loving is the best part of being out. I also sit very well and even catch treats mid-air. So do we have a date?

He is about 5 years old, neutered, up-to-date on shots (incl. rabies), tested negative for heartworm and on preventative and microchipped.


While walk-ins are welcome, adoptions are by appointments only to ensure we have the staff available to help adopters. For information and/or to complete an online application, please visit www.saveapetil.org/adopt