Wet Nose Windows With Save-A-Pet- Potab & Zen



I lived with small dogs and cats. My family said that I really enjoy cuddling with cats. They said I was a quiet, affectionate and easy-going cat. Losing my family took a toll on me. So while most people would think I am mean, here they immediately knew that I was just really scared. I am starting to open up thanks to the patience and dedication of staff and volunteers and hope that people interested in me will go beyond the first impression. Everyone is allowed to shine when they are ready and that’s all I am asking. If you have the patience and are willing to take it slow, then please make sure to ask about me as I am not one of the “greeters”.

He is about 9 years old, neutered, up-to-date on shots (incl. rabies), tested negative for feline leukemia, FIV and heartworm and microchipped.


I’m a big boy with a big smile, always ready to go for a walk. When out and about, I walk at the same speed as my dog walker. If we see another dog in a play yard, I am always eager to introduce myself. My tail wags like crazy. I’m an affectionate guy with the adult crowd. Kids are a little too much for me. I am also wise, I know that being here means I’m safe and loved and that they will make sure to find a great family for me.

He is about 7 years old, up-to-date on shots (incl. rabies), tested negative for heartworm and on preventative and microchipped.

“Take time to fall in love” is our special end of year promotion to help some of our overlooked or more challenging cats and dogs find love. It’s a 30-day foster to adopt program. Zen is excited about this opportunity, all they need is a “foster home”.

While walk-ins are welcome, adoptions are by appointments only to ensure we have the staff available to help adopters. For information and/or to complete an online application, please visit www.saveapetil.org/adopt