We have heard of these games, the most popular of them being FMK but here we play SJW.

Over 1,500 people who use their phones for work were recently asked how hard it would be to give up different things like Sex, Junk Food, and Wi-Fi. Shockingly 61% said that it would be very difficult or even impossible to give up WI-FI, and by shockingly I mean not a shocker at all. Staying connected is more popular than ever. This is the world we live in now and I often have to remind myself how it was growing up without the internet, then growing up with dial-up, shoot even comparing the speed to 5 years ago. Could you live without Wi-Fi? I mean yes, it’d be a lifestyle change but I am definitely giving up Wi-fi over the other two. A world without french fries is NOT a world I will live in 😉 – Leah


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