I’m not really a fan of being alone, never have been. Now in my current state of life alone time is extremely rare. When it does happen I find myself doing things that I can only hope I don’t actually do in front of other people. We were talking on the show about how often we talk to ourselves, we are not alone in that coming in at #1 on this list. Take the quiz and see if you are truly alone. Here are some of the survey findings. And yes, I do all of these! Well, maybe not the milk…that’s just gross. – Leah

1.  Do you ever talk to yourself when you’re alone?  85% said yes.

2.  Do you pick your nose if you feel like it?  87% do.

3.  Do you pee with the door open?  73% said yeah, why not.

4.  When you’re alone and angry, do you ever practice arguing?  71% said yes.  And 76% of us also have full-blown conversations with our pets.

5.  Do you ever make yourself CRY while you’re alone because it just feels like you need to?  50% of people have done it.

6.  Do you ever drink straight out of a milk carton if no one’s looking?  53% of us have.

7.  Do you ever smell your armpits, and sort of enjoy it?  52% said yes.