Who Is The Bald Celebrity That Most Men Would Like To Be?

Thankfully for me, bald is considered to be a rather sexy and stylish trend these days.  I’m glad because genetics do not allow for me to be any other way.

A recent study by The Harley Street Skin Clinic asked 1,000 men, “Which bald celebrity they would like to be?”  Frankly, I am shocked by these results and truly sad that I didn’t even make the list.  Well, even the guy who is heir to the throne only received 2% of the vote.

Here is the list according to the study:

Vin Diesel – 35%

Dwayne Johnson – 33%

Jason Statham – 30%

Patrick Stewart – 30%

Bruce Willis – 27%

Ed Harris – 25%

Ben Kingsley – 20%

Ving Rhames – 20%

Prince William – 2%

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